Straight Up Guide to Psychodynamic Therapy

These guides were born out of Noah and Christine’s frustration with overly complicated and jargon-filled articles, newsletters, books, and therapy websites. Our mission is to create clear and practical guides in order to learn, grow from challenges, and lead more meaningful and impactful lives.   Psychodynamic psychotherapy is the oldest and most traditional form of therapy, and it is what most people probably think of whey then think of therapy. While it may seem monolithic, there is actually great deal of variety within this type of therapy with number of different “schools” present such as Object Relations, Ego Psychology, or Self Psychology, but they come from the same lineage, namely that of Sigmund Freud.   Freud conceived the mind as a place of conflicting forces fighting for dominance over the individual. These forces, which he termed “drives," were similar to what we now think of as instincts – urges that move us toward a...

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