Kids and Teens

(Ages 8 and Up)

We Love Working with Kids, Teens, and Families!

Our team has extensive experience working with kids, teens, and parents. Straight Up Treatment works closely and collaboratively with family members, schools, teachers, educational therapists, tutors, nannies, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and anyone else on your team!

Kids & Teens Anxiety & Stress Treatment in LA

For Kids and Teens (Ages 8 and Up):

We know and believe in our youth!

Childhood Anxiety Experts

Highly-specialized knowledge and experience in treating acute anxiety, depression, and the OCD spectrum in kids and teens

Life Skills Coaches

Training in skills such as mindfulness, emotion regulation, and assertiveness to effectively work through emotional challenges when they arise

Relationship Builders

Strong collaborative mindset for developing trust and forming a solid therapeutic relationship

For Parents

• Parent coaching to create clear family boundaries and decrease conflict in the home

• Parent assertiveness training to improve communication with children 

• Behavior intervention to decrease tantrums and other disruptive child behaviors 

Kids & Teens Anxiety & Stress Treatment in LA

We also work closely with an in-home behavior specialist, Lisa Topp, M.S., BCBA

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