Group Therapy

CBT Skill Building Programs

Free Mindfulness Group for Adults

Groups – Learning to redirect one’s attention to the present moment is a very important skill that can improve overall quality of life . Please come join us to learn and practice mindfulness together as a community!


This group is FREE and intended for adults only. We meet every other Thursday from 6:30-7:15pm. Participants must RSVP with Christine to attend.

Decrease Worry and Negative Thoughts
Enhance Concentration and Work Performance
Increase Self-Compassion
Improve Mind-Body Health

Stress-Management Group for Teens

This 8-week CBT skill-building group will focus on developing tools to help manage daily stressors faced by many of our teens. Teens will have a safe space to address ongoing challenges with academics, assertiveness, and self-esteem. In addition, participants will learn and practic effective stress-management tools with same-aged peers. This group is intended for teens aged 14-17 years old and meets weekly on Saturdays from 12-1pm.

Adult and Teen Group Therapy in Los Angeles - Straight Up Treatment
Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence
Enhance Academic Performance
Improve Relationships
Increase Emotional Resiliency
Build Connections with Like-Minded Peers!

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