Group Therapy

CBT Skill Building Programs

Anxiety and Stress Management Group for Teens

This 8-week CBT skill-building group will focus on developing tools to help manage daily stressors faced by many high school aged teens. Group members will have a safe space to address ongoing challenges with academics, relationships, assertiveness, and self-esteem. In addition, teens will learn and practice effective stress and anxiety management tools with same-aged peers. This group is intended for teens aged 14-18 years old, who are currently enrolled in high school.


When: Thursday from 6-7pm

Where: Straight Up Treatment Office

Cost: $100 per group session

Adult and Teen Group Therapy in Los Angeles - Straight Up Treatment
Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence
Enhance Academic Performance
Improve Relationships
Increase Emotional Resiliency
Build Connections with Like-Minded Peers!

Parent Skill-Building Program

This virtual group program will help parents learn tools and skills to better support their child and/or teen manage anxiety, OCD, and other related challenges. Parents will have a supportive space to address challenges they face in parenting children with anxiety and emotional stress. Parents will also learn and practice effective strategies that can help decrease their child’s anxiety and improve their parent-child relationship.


When: Tuesday & Wednesday from 10am-11am

Where: Virtual

Cost: $100 per group session

Create More Harmony and Peace in The Family
Feel More Helpful versus Helpless
Improve Your Parent-Child Relationship
Decrease Conflict and Stress
Parent More Intentionally

Live Your Best Life Program

This 8-session experience is a great compliment to individual therapy or first step towards personal growth and transformation. Each week, participants will learn how to identify and connect with their best self, in order to live the life that they truly want to be living. Participants will learn how to design and navigate personal goals, desires, health, family, and relationships in order to create deeper fulfillment and meaning in life. This program will also teach participants how to decrease burnout and live life with more intention, ease, and balance.


Who: Adults 

When: Tuesday 5-6pm

Where: Straight Up Treatment Office

Cost: $150 per session


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Create A Better Quality of Life
Get Relief From Anxiety and Burnout
Increase Self-Compassion
Improve Mind-Body-Spirit Health
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