Straight Up Manifesto

Why Us?

Why Straight Up Treatment?

The Urban Dictionary defines “Straight Up” as “Not hiding anything or not hiding much. Telling the truth. Being honest. Keepin’ it real.” We like this definition!


In Straight Up fashion, we make the following promises to you:


-We promise to be accountable to our clients.

-We promise not to pathologize, shame, or judge our clients.


-We promise to treat each person as an individual worthy of dignity and respect.


-We promise to be responsive to emails and phone calls.


-We promise to be upfront about fees and how long treatment will take.


-We promise to own our mistakes if we do make them.


-We promise we will show up every day and fight for you.


-We promise to practice what we preach.


-We promise not to ask anything of you we wouldn’t do ourselves.



Honesty, integrity, authenticity… that’s the Straight Up way!

“Our mission is to deliver individualized, patient-centered care driven by the belief that everyone can live authentic, meaningful, and resilient lives.”

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