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It’s not your fault

Nothing seems to make sense when you’re dealing with anxiety. The voice in the back of your mind tells you that everything is not ok, making everyday tasks incredibly difficult. It’s a hard feeling to explain, and it’s not a switch you can turn on and off.

You might be good at hiding your anxiety; so good, in fact, that no one knows you’re even struggling. You appear to have it all together on the outside, but behind closed doors, you’re left wondering if you’ll ever find peace.

We can help you find the relief you need to start feeling better.


Where Does Anxiety Come From?

Though a certain amount of anxiety is normal and can be motivating in situations that require focus or critical thinking, some people are genetically more likely to experience negative impacts from it. Chemical imbalances can also make someone more susceptible to anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can also be triggered by environmental or other factors, such as:

Historically, humans needed a sense of anxiety for survival. The “fight or flight” response kept our ancestors safe from predators and other threats. It’s why unexpected or potentially dangerous situations can trigger anxiety symptoms.
Children exposed to family tensions, trauma, or parental stress may become predisposed to developing anxiety disorders. Chronic exposure to stressful environments can make one hyper-reactive to threats.
Traumatic events (e.g., accidents, abuse, natural disasters) can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a severe form of anxiety. Personal loss, major life changes, or prolonged financial or health-related stress can also heighten anxiety.
Certain physical health issues can lead to increased anxiety, like heart arrhythmias or thyroid problems. Conditions like asthma or IBS can exacerbate or be exacerbated by anxiety.
Anxiety often coexists with other mental health disorders, like depression.
People with certain personality types might be more prone to anxiety disorders.
Excessive caffeine or alcohol intake, drug misuse, or withdrawal from certain medications/drugs can lead to or aggravate anxiety symptoms.
Society and culture can shape how and when people express anxiety. Constant exposure to negative news, societal pressures, or cultural expectations can foster anxiety.

When Does Anxiety Become A Problem?

When anxiety shifts from something motivational in trying to help us survive to something that makes day-to-day activities feel miserable, we are here to help.


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Anyone can suffer from an anxiety disorder, and it affects everyone differently. Whether you are an adult, teen or your child is experiencing anxiety, know that you aren’t imagining things and there is help.
Therapy is for any teen trying to figure things out. It’s not just about big issues; it’s also a space to grow, understand yourself better, and get some guidance. Therapy also helps teens build necessary life skills, and increase independence and confidence to prepare for their future. Think of it as a tune-up for the mind, even when things seem okay on the surface.
Recognizing anxiety in teens can be a bit tricky since adolescence itself is a period of emotional and psychological change. You may notice that your teen is not sleeping well, avoiding social situations, worrying more than normal, or is showing a change in their eating habit. They may also show signs of increased irritability, isolating in their room, being on their devices often, or acting out of character. If you suspect your teen is suffering from anxiety, approach the topic gently, offering a listening ear without judgment.
Every teen’s different. How often they come in really depends on what they want to tackle and what’s going on in their life. We’ll chat about this in the first few meetings to see what feels right. It’s all about what feels comfortable and what’ll help the most.

You are stronger than you think.

Who We Are

Why Work With Straight Up Treatment?

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Dr. Christine Izquierdo

Owner & Lead Therapist

Licensed Psychologist

We do things differently.

Blending cutting-edge treatments with time-honored methods, we create an integrative approach that is personally tailored to your needs.

We believe that therapy isn’t just about treating the symptoms—it’s about mastering how you handle them. It’s about leaning into the scary parts and facing them in a way that allows you to emerge stronger on the other side.

Our team boosts your courage when working with difficult emotions to create the level of self-awareness and confidence you need to live your potential.

At Straight Up Treatment, we offer therapy that is:

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Our Approach

How Anxiety Therapy Works

Maybe this is your first time exploring how therapy can help you. Maybe you’ve been in therapy for years, but haven’t achieved the results you are looking for.

We help you set goals, learn skills & tools, and get the support you need to live life with more ease.

Our First Session

This first step allows us to get to know you better, understand your challenges, and explore your wants.

Personalized Plan

Together, we develop a personalized treatment plan, carefully designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Ongoing Support

This is where real transformation takes place. With nurturing and consistent support, we will help you move beyond anxiety.

Let's do this!

Straight Up Treatment

What You Can Expect From Anxiety Therapy

With commitment and consistency, you may experience:

Therapy can help you face your days with confidence.

Questions About Anxiety Treatment

While the term “cured” might suggest a complete removal of all anxious feelings, therapy can offer you tools and strategies to effectively manage your anxiety. Many individuals find relief and are able to enjoy their daily lives with the coping mechanisms and insights they gain during their sessions. The outcomes can vary, but with commitment and consistency, there’s potential for significant progress.
Our first step would be understanding your unique experience with anxiety: what triggers it, when it happens, and how it feels. We’d likely explore your feelings, delve into any unhelpful thought patterns, and introduce coping techniques. The exact approach would be tailored to your needs, ensuring it aligns with what you’re comfortable with and what you hope to achieve.
Everyone’s journey with therapy is unique. Some individuals start feeling better after just a few sessions, while others benefit from a longer, more in-depth exploration. As you begin applying what we discuss in our sessions to your daily life, you might notice changes in how you react to and manage anxiety. We’ll continuously touch base about your feelings and progress, ensuring we’re on the right track for you.
You have options! Anxiety treatment can be both in-person and virtual. Especially with the rise of technology and the need for flexible arrangements, virtual therapy has become a popular choice. It’s all about what feels right and is most convenient for you.
Progress in therapy can manifest in various ways. It might be noticeable changes in your behavior, improved mood, better coping strategies, or simply feeling lighter. Together, we’ll set goals and regularly assess your growth. And always remember, every step you take, even the small ones, is a testament to your resilience and commitment to healing.
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