Bold Moves Not Baby Steps

There are two ways to enter a swimming pool. The first way is to dive right in, endure the sting of the cold water, then allow your nervous system to adjust accordingly. Let's call this way the "Bold Move" way. This way is uncomfortable in the short-term, but it doesn't last very long. The pain of associated with this "Bold Move" strategy might be described as intense but brief.   The second way is to slowly, gradually put your foot in, wait until the discomfort goes down, and then go in a little more, repeating the process until your entire body is in the pool. Let's call this mode "Baby Steps." This method reduces the intensity of discomfort that diving into the pool might cause, but it takes a lot longer. The pain associated with this "Baby Steps" mode might be described as moderate but extended.   Conventional wisdom says that either way works...

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