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Dr. Christine Izquierdo Licensed Psychologist and owner of Straight Up Treatment in Los Angeles

Dr. Christine Izquierdo

Owner & Lead Therapist

Licensed Psychologist

We are more alike than different as human beings.

I have learned that we are all afraid of the same things at the core…not being worthy or good enough, not being accepted, not being loved, not feeling safe in the world, and not making the most of our lives.

The American dream to the elders in my family is for their children to become educated and make a positive impact in society. As a person who is of Mexican-American ancestry, I wanted to transform the history, fears, and struggles my ancestors and elders faced into strengths; to use my vulnerabilities as opportunities for growth – and help people live more empowered and meaningful lives.

When people ask what led me to become a psychologist I say, “The path to becoming a therapist actually found me.” It wasn’t planned. On my journey of self-discovery and healing, I realized that many of my physical GI and immune system issues were largely tied to anxiety and stress. For much of my childhood and young adult life, I struggled with symptoms that created a negative impact on my mind, body, and soul. It became my passion to use my experience and education to help people heal both physically and mentally. This is why I pursued a degree in health psychology and have spent the last decade mastering the mind-body-spirit connection.

The Straight Up team is an extension of this passion. They are dedicated, experienced, and ready to help you feel your best and live your greatest potential. With over 10 years of combined experience, we are grateful and honored to be part of your journey.

Together we will help you learn, heal, and grow from past struggles. We will help you build the courage to live from your most authentic self. We will help you live your life with more confidence, ease, and fulfillment.

Dr. Christine Izquierdo

Courage by definition requires us to be afraid

When we recognize that change only happens when we face the fear that is holding us back – we will have taken the most courageous step of our lives.

We work and live by these values

Resilience & Courage

We would never ask a client to do things that we ourselves are not doing or would not do with them. We live and model leaning into fear, being brave, taking meaningful risks, and striving to live authentically, with vulnerability and integrity.

Meaning & Purpose

Living a life worth living gives us a sense of fulfillment. Growth is a core value of our team and something we strive to help clients achieve in therapy. When we get in touch with our purpose, the authentic aspects of our ‘self’ can align with greater well-being.

Community & Connection

We are social beings – we need each other to survive & thrive. A mentor of mine once told me that “we are all here to take each other home within ourselves.” I believe that the quality of our connections and relationships have a direct correlation to our levels of happiness and life fulfillment.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform your fears into strengths as you grow, learn, and spiritually heal.

Our training as therapists is often focused on how the past impacts the present moment, which is vital to our healing from mental and emotional pain.

However, the key to transformational success is learning how to train your mind to be present, live intentionally from your core values, and understand how important the relationship to self and others is in your journey to health and well-being.

We strive to live life based on courage and personal values.
We want to empower clients to do the same.

Find the right therapist for you


Providing adults, teens, and families the tools, skills & support they need

We specialize in helping all ages with anxiety, OCD, and life stress related challenges.

We combine group therapy with individual therapy to offer a comprehensive treatment experience.

We offer customized accelerated programs for people that need or want faster relief from anxiety, OCD, and life stress related challenges.

If you’re struggling to overcome perfectionism, burnout, hyperproductivity, chronic guilt & shame, people-pleasing, social anxiety, unmet relationship needs, emotional distress, sleep issues, decreased joy and pleasure, worry about the future, chronic resentment, lack of purpose and meaning in life, we help you take the steps to start living the life you actually want to be living.


Our team works collaboratively to support individuals and families.

We use a variety of modalities including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, Emotion Focused Therapy, Parent Focused-CBT, yoga, meditation, self-compassion training, nervous system rebalancing techniques, relationship attachment healing, and confidence building within our group practice.

What sets us apart

We strive to help you live your most empowered and fulfilled life.

We keep it real or “Straight Up” by addressing challenges and fear head on. We also model the vulnerability that allows change to happen. We will help strengthen your courage, integrity, and resilience to help harness the powerful internal resources that live within – to get the results you desire.

You are not your thoughts, feelings, or past experiences. You have the power to choose who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live, regardless of what brought you here.

Straight Up Treatment

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