Savannah Hemmig Marriage & Family Therapist and her dog

Savannah Hemmig

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#140281), supervised by Kim Cox, LMFT (#115817). My area of specialty is in treating anxiety, OCD, and other related challenges like skin picking, hair pulling, and tics. I am highly experienced in using evidenced based approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). I am deeply passionate about helping children, teens, adults, and parents connect to and harness their deepest values as a source of power to conquer whatever challenges they are facing. I also have extensive experience working with LGBTQIA clients and their families, from my time spent at the Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center, supporting LGBTQIA young adults and teens launch into adulthood with acceptance and support.

“I believe that every individual can overcome whatever challenges life throws at them, when building an inner foundation of courage, self-esteem, and willingness to take action .”

In terms of my approach to therapy, I am highly trained in a variety of cognitive behavioral interventions, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). I utilize a variety of integrative and effective techniques such as mindfulness, distress tolerance training, and self-esteem coaching to help clients re-wire their brains away from fear and reactivity, to conscious choice, confidence, and living their values.

If you (or your child) are wanting to increase confidence and living life more intentionally, reach out today and let’s make it happen!

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from a single thing that I wanted to do.”

Living a life worth living often starts with the willingness to be brave and try, which isn’t always easy and can be really scary. Change requires courage. Anxiety and depression often try to convince us that we can’t handle doing what it takes to live the life that we actually want to be living. Or to live from our true authentic self and trust that is good-enough.

I too have been challenged by the battle of trusting my good-enoughness and facing my fears. As well as the anxiety and doubt voices that try to hijack my authentic self and get me to operate on a default survival mode. I can relate to the struggle and have committed to the journey of practicing what I preach.

I am originally from the south and took a leap of faith to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. With each brave move and decision I’ve made in my life, it helped me get clear on what matters most to me, who I want to be, and what kind of life I want to be living. I am grateful to have found my way to becoming a helper, because as a therapist I am very inspired and motivated by helping people take meaningful leaps of faith to show themselves who they really are and what they are truly capable of doing in life.