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At Straight Up Treatment, we offer compassionate support across a spectrum of life stages and family dynamics. From parents and children to teens, young adults, and adults navigating mid-life transitions, our therapy practice is equipped to meet the unique needs of each individual and relationship. Whether you’re a couple seeking guidance or a family looking to strengthen your bonds, we are here to support your journey towards healing and growth.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress, struggling with relationship issues, or experiencing emotional pain that is interfering with your well-being and quality of life?

Therapy can help you navigate life’s challenges and guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. We tailor a therapy plan based on your unique needs, providing a safe and nurturing environment for self-discovery, skill-building, growth, and healing. By working together, we will help you develop the skills and insights necessary to create lasting change. With therapy, you can expect to feel more empowered, self-aware, and equipped to handle life’s ups and downs with greater resilience and confidence.

Is your teen struggling with academic pressure, experiencing social challenges, or facing emotional struggles that are getting in the way of them enjoying their lives?

At Straight Up, we recognize the unique challenges adolescents face and are dedicated to providing an empathetic and understanding space to help them thrive. Our therapy sessions are tailored to address their specific needs, give them a place to be heard, help them discover who they are, and build the resilience they need to find success in the world. Together, we’ll work on developing essential life skills and coping strategies to help them navigate the complexities of adolescence with confidence. With therapy, we help them feel more self-assured, emotionally balanced, and empowered to face life’s challenges head-on.

Are you a concerned parent who is noticing your child is struggling with behavioral issues, social challenges, or emotional distress?

We understand how difficult this can be for your child and for parents. We understand the delicate nature of a child’s development and are committed to offering tailored support to help them rebuild their emotional strength and resilience. Our child-focused approach creates a safe and nurturing environment where your child can explore their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Together, we’ll help your child develop essential coping skills, emotional regulation, and a stronger sense of self.

Are you finding it difficult to navigate the changes that arise throughout early adulthood?

It’s common to feel lost or unsure as you navigate the early stages of adulthood. It may be the first time you’re out on your own and have the ability to truly develop your own sense of self. Therapy can help you explore your feelings, identity, behaviors, or beliefs to feel more settled with where you are now and where you are headed.

Navigating the challenges of parenting can feel overwhelming, and it’s completely natural to feel out of sync with your child, or question your abilities as a parent. We understand, and that’s where parent support comes in. We work alongside you to create a support plan tailored to your unique family dynamics and challenges, offering a comforting environment to help you develop a deeper understanding of your parenting style, core values, and goals. Together, we’ll equip you with the strategies and insights necessary for nurturing stronger parent-child bonds and skillfully riding the waves of the parenting journey.

SPACE, which stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions, is an evidenced-based, parent-only treatment program for children and adolescents struggling with anxiety, OCD, and related challenges.

This treatment approach focuses on teaching parents effective CBT skills and tools that help decrease anxiety in their child or teen. Parents learn how to implement skillful support tools and shift their responses to their child’s anxiety driven behaviors. SPACE is a very empowering intervention that allows parents to improve their child’s mental health, without needing their child to change. Children and teens typically do not have to participate in treatment in order to decrease their anxiety related issues. The SPACE approach has been clinically tested and found to be just as effective as individual CBT therapy for children and teens struggling with various forms of anxiety.

Everyday pressures, competing priorities, and high expectations can take a toll on any man. Many men grapple with a sense of self-judgment, overwhelm, burnout, guilt and shame, feeling as though they are letting themselves and others down. Struggling with the idea that you are only as good as your last sale, asking “Is this all there is?” or questioning your life’s purpose are more than just fleeting thoughts; they are indicators that it’s time to talk to someone.

Maintaining a fulfilling career, a healthy relationship, and the demands of motherhood can take their toll on women. Sometimes trying to balance your responsibilities means you get lost in the mix. The person you used to be has been replaced by someone you no longer recognize, and all you want is to learn to manage the anxiety and overwhelm, and maybe find a little time for yourself. If you’re feeling more than a little frazzled, maybe it’s time to sit down with someone who can help you sort through it all and regain a sense of balance.

Are you or your organization grappling with the challenge of maintaining job performance while ensuring work-life harmony? The relentless push for achievement, alongside the responsibilities of leadership and the quest for a balanced life, often propels individuals and teams toward burnout and workplace dissatisfaction. Such pressures prompt the question of whether the pursuit of success at such a level is truly worthwhile, or if the core reasons behind our work have been overshadowed.

Dr. Christine Izquierdo offers corporate coaching and support to help executives and organizations through these intricate dynamics. With experience in assisting companies to tackle issues like burnout, work dissatisfaction, effective communication, and conflict resolution, coaching is tailored to the unique needs of corporate environments. Sessions are designed to equip teams with the tools they need to foster a state of well-being, enhancing overall performance and satisfaction.

When you’re prepared to elevate your team’s capability to manage high-pressure situations with resilience and strategic insight, we are here to facilitate that transformation. Let’s redefine what success means for you and your team, ensuring it aligns with your core values and objectives for a fulfilling and balanced professional life.

Offered by Dr. Christine Izquierdo. 

At Straight Up, we understand the stress and challenges of being a helper and supporter to those in need. During Dr. Christine’s journey working as a Health Psychologist, she created and implemented wellness programs in hospitals to help reduce compassion fatigue and chronic stress for healthcare providers and employees. Although we all know “we must put on our oxygen masks first, before we can put the mask on others we are trying to support” it is often easier said than done. Research has also shown that healthcare providers, employees, and other types of supporters tend to not prioritize or integrate self-care into the workday, which can negatively impact the quality of care that is provided and lead to chronic illness, compassion fatigue, work dissatisfaction, and burnout for healthcare providers and employees.

Dr. Christine is very passionate about taking good care of the caretakers in the world and offers customized wellness, self-care, and burnout support workshops to healthcare providers and employees, hospitals, private clinics, and other types of organizations that are in the business of supporting and taking care of others. If your team is interested in exploring how you can create or improve a culture of well-being, reduce burnout, and develop practical yet effective self-care skills at work, reach out today to connect with Dr. Christine to discuss options that would best suit your organization’s needs.

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