Straight Up Guide To Worrying

These guides were born out of Noah and Christine’s frustration with overly complicated and jargon-filled articles, newsletters, books, and therapy websites. Our mission is to create clear and practical guides in order to learn, grow from challenges, and lead more meaningful and impactful lives.   Worrying is a compulsive, maladaptive, and exhausting mental activity that masquerades as productive planning and problem-solving. It can drain you of precious time and energy, and deplete your mood and spirit.   Simply put, worries are thoughts that suggest something bad about the future. They could be something such as "What if my child doesn't get into college?" or "What if there is a lot of traffic when we leave for our trip?" Worrying typically takes the form of "What if…?" followed by the mind's attempt to answer some question about the future. Worry seeks certainty in an uncertain world, which is why it never finds a satisfying answer.    People...

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