Live Dangerously Brave

"Live dangerously"  – Friedrich Nietzsche   Stop what you are doing right now and imagine this scenario: you have been given a terminal diagnosis and have only a short time to live. Friends and family have gathered at your bedside to say goodbye. In these final moments, you reflect back on your life and what it meant to you. Was your life worth living? Do you have any regrets? What would you have done differently? Think for a moment and then read the following statements:   I should have spent more time on the internet   I should have played more video games   I should have watched more porn   I should have worried more   I never should have forgiven that person   I should have smoked more weed   I never should have quit that job I hated   I should have eaten more fast food and donuts   I should have been less honest   I never should have left lousy guy/girl   I should have spoken up less   I should...

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