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Relationship Counseling in North Seattle

“How did we get here?”

Time and time again, you end up disappointed and doubting the relationship that once was such a source of joy and laughter.

You’ve tried swallowing your pain in hopes it’d go away. After giving the issue, and your person, some time and space, all the conflict resurfaces in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps you’ve tried to convey the same message but tweak it just a little bit in hopes that maybe, just maybe, this time it’ll land. But no such luck.

Loving another human being is complicated.

When you get into close proximity with another person, you learn that sometimes you bump into one another’s wounds and fall into old patterns.

Be its root intentional, or unintentional, being in relationship means that sometimes you hurt.

You feel misunderstood.

We understand.

At Greenlake Wellness Group, we’ve got a team of therapists who are ready to work with you and yours to get back to a place of connection.

As a team of therapists, we don’t fit neatly into boxes, nor do we expect that of our clients.

Our practice serves couples who have said “I do!” and those who are less inclined, those who have been together for “ages” and those who are newer to coupledom.

We welcome and serves people of all backgrounds, identities, and folx across the spectrums of gender and sexuality.

We are on the side of the relationship.

No, your therapist will not pick a side. But they will choose both of you!

As your cheerleader and confidant, your couples therapist will work to help you and yours work together again.

Call (424) 777-0520 now to learn how couples therapy can help you.

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