Heidi Parke

About Me

I am the Client Coordinator at Straight Up Treatment. I assist new clients in finding the best therapeutic match with one of our specialized staff, based on each client’s unique and individual needs. In my personal life, I am a graduate student and currently in the last quarter of completing my Masters in International Relations with a concentration in Public Diplomacy. I also have a Bachelors degree in Biopsychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. All while also being a parent to my 3 year old son. I stay busy in life!

Professional Experience

Professional Experience: Prior to starting graduate school, I worked in various legal and community settings as court appointed advocate for children and youth. I also worked in the community mental health sector as a family case manager for underserved and vulnerable individuals. I have over 15 years experience in administration and volunteering in the non-profit sector. I am glad to offer kind and quality care to support the clients here at Straight Up Treatment and the team as a whole.

I look forward to assisting you on your healing and growth journey!

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