How to Both Like and Love Yourself

In 2022, self-care and self-love have been big buzzwords. You may be tempted to write them both off as the newest wellness fad and not give too much thought to them. However, self-love is no fad – increasing your self-love has a huge impact on your mental health!


Low self-esteem has been linked with a myriad of negatives – for example, addictions, depression, anxiety, and a lack of quality relationships can be correlated to low self-esteem. On the other hand, high self-esteem allows us to cultivate confidence, be realistic with ourselves, be more resilient, and be more assertive.


It’s clear that self-love is beneficial to us. Now, how can you cultivate self-love? Try out these 10 journal prompts from Straight Up Treatment to increase your self-love today!


1. Make a list of all of your expectations for yourself. This may include your role as a child, parent, employee, boss, student, spouse … the list goes on! Try to cross some things off until you reach a reasonable amount of responsibilities for one human to do. Now, after making your list, ask yourself – what is actually reasonable for one person to accomplish? How can I ask for help today?


2. The next time you talk to yourself when you make a mistake, make note of what you say. Imagine if a friend made a mistake; would you talk to them in the same way you talked to yourself? Why or why not?


3. Think of your best friend. What are three qualities you like about them? Now, think about yourself: what are three qualities you like about yourself? Which was easier – naming qualities for your best friend, or yourself? Why do you think that is?


4. When was the last time you made a mistake? How did it make you feel? How much grace and forgiveness did you show yourself for making a mistake (in other words, for being human)?


5. In what spaces or around what people do you feel most authentically you? What is preventing you from being authentic in all spaces and around all people?


6. How often do you move joyfully – not for a goal such as weight loss or muscle gain? When was the last time you thanked your body for carrying you thus far? Today, show your physical self some love by moving just to feel good, not for a fitness goal.


7. Your values are so important to who you are as a person. Write down 5 of your values today (examples may be “I value kindness” or “I value career success”). In what ways do your current actions match with your values? In what ways do your current actions mismatch with your values?


8. What is a skill you’re really good at? What do you do that makes you excel at this skill? Was it easy to name a skill and your talents? Why do you think that is?


9. Think of your relationships – is there a relationship that is draining to you? What boundaries do you need to set in that relationship to protect your peace?


10. Finally, write a love letter to yourself today. Check in with yourself while you’re writing it – does it feel awkward? Uncomfortable? Or does it feel validating? Fulfilling? Save your letter for when you’re having a hard day.


We hope these ten journal prompts for self-love assist in your journey to not only love yourself, but to like yourself, too! If you want to talk to someone about self-love, we’re here to help. At Straight Up Treatment, we specialize in anxiety, which may be blocking your journey to loving yourself. We’d love to talk to you about anxiety and much, much more. Reach out today to be paired with a therapist for your healing journey. We look forward to hearing from you!

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